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Custom Airbrushed Guitar Amp
Custom Airbrushed Guitar Amp The amp had all sides painted. On the top of the amp is a waving American Flag. On each side is a space scene and on the front is a fantasy scene with two moons and a wolf howling.
Custom Airbrushed Guitar
Custom Airbrushed Guitar This guitar was custom airbrushed with a skull and flame theme on the front. The back features a confederate flag and the owner’s last name was airbrushed onto the neck.
Custom Airbrushed American Flag Motorcycle
Custom Airbrushed American Flag Motorcycle This motorcycle was airbrushed with a waving American flag that goes from the front to the back of the bike. The pieces were removed for painting and replaced once complete.
Custom Airbrushed Motorcycle Helmet
Custom Airbrushed Motorcycle Helmet This was done as a gift from a father to his son for his birthday. On this helmet we featured the racers prayer, a blue flaming skull, a checkered flag, metal panel background and a tear out with flames.
Custom Airbrushed Guitar Case
Custom Airbrushed Guitar Case This guitar case was featured with a fire and ice theme. The writing is in Latin and says “fire and ice”.


Theresa L. from Headland, Alabama

I have had the great honor to purchase an Alabama gold seal print from Jeremy, and I also had Jeremy do a personal piece for my husband, before he passed away, this past April. Jeremy is a very talented and professional artist! He ALWAYS wants his customers satisfied! If I ever want another original art piece, Jeremy Bayliss will be my Artist!

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